The enquire-contact form below is for your use to provide any relevant information in relation to your enquiry or booking. By supplying us with the information requested will enable us to get the full picture of what is required for your event or special day. This has many benefits for you as the enquirer/booker, including correct competitive pricing and will properly allow us to manage your expectations. Often, we are provided with vague and spurious information with reference to venues, venue contacts, travel distances, start and finish times etc. and this means that we have to make assumptions which can lead to increased prices being quoted as we have to factor in for the unknown which can include waiting around for venue access.

Therefore, the more information you can supply us at the outset, the better understanding of your requirement we can get and then we can offer you the right price, right solution and fully manage your expectations. Please be assured that any information that you provide will always be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third party organisations without your express written consent.

Please complete the form below to enquire-contact Event Mirrors and we will get back to you with your personalised quotation within 24 hours (usually much sooner).

You can call us on either
07740 444180 (Ollie) or 07525 921500 (Phil)

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