West Midlands Photobooth for Hire

How Photobooth works

The Magic Mirror Photobooth is a brand new concept that your guests may not have seen before. How Photobooth works is by utilising hidden technology although to the user it looks just like a mirror. The mirrored screen allows the users to see themselves at full length and the touch screen features make using it simple. The simplicity of usage will mean your guests will be interacting with the Photobooth in real time. Our fully trained professional attendant will instruct users on how the mirror photobooth works. Once the users photo has been taken they will receive their printed memento from your event within a few seconds of their image being captured.

  • Your guests will see themselves in the full length mirror just like they would when trying on new clothes
  • Touch screen interface will start the booth and prompt your guests to choose from single or multi shot options
  • A short countdown will begin giving your guests time to grab a prop or props and pose for their best selfies of the night
  • The hidden camera will flash behind the mirror and your guests photograph/s will be taken
  • Guests will have the option of signing the photographs using the touch screen interface
  • Instant dry prints will be output within 10 seconds for your guests to take away and have lasting photographic memories of your occasion

Want to find out more?

If there is anything that we haven’t covered in the FAQ’s section below then please ask. If you want to find out more about how the Photobooth works and Photobooth and DJ Hire in conjunction with DJ Ollie Clarke then please complete our enquiry form here or alternatively drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


How Photobooth Works - West Midlands
How Photobooth Works - Hire - West Midlands
How Photobooth Works - Venue setup


FAQ's and How Photobooth Works

Does my booking have to be for 3 hours?

No, your mirror booking can be for as long or short a duration as you require. Our most popular package is for 3 hours (eg. 7 to 10pm). However, if your requirement is different then let us know via our enquiry page and we will tailor your package accordingly.

How much space will the mirror take up?

The ideal amount of space to allow for the Mirror, Red Carpet and Barriers would be 2metres x 3 metres. However, If a table could be made available for props then that would be perfect.

Can I have extra sets of prints off each photo e.g. 1 for the guest and 1 for me to keep?

Yes, extra sets of prints can be supplied after your event usually within 7 days. Our preference is to supply them after the event because printing 2 or more prints off each photo at an event can slow down usage time for your guests.

Can you supply a guest book for my extra set or sets of prints?

Yes, we offer a selection of guest books to fulfil your requirement. Alternatively, you can supply your own and we will insert the extra set of prints for you when they’re ready. Please specify your requirement at time of booking and we will provide available options.

Do you supply props or do we need to provide our own?

We carry a large selection of Props that we make available at every booking and that are included in your booking price.